Cross Stitch Embroidery – An art of thread work on fabrics

Cross Stitch Embroidery – An art of thread work on fabrics - doeraa

Embroideries are a work of art. An artist who can weave the beautiful designs with perfection, whether hand-made or machinery infused, outlines an embroidery fabric that’s one of a kind. 

With various types of embroideries practiced around the world, Cross-stitch is the oldest form of embroidery and can be found all over the world since the middle ages.


Why is embroidery a trend? 

Perceived for the excellence it can add to downplayed garments, embroidery can make your outfit truly lively. Adornments haven't gotten away from the pattern all things considered. Look out for satchels, shoes and belts that have woven embellishments to add elements to your outfits. Buy embroidery fabrics online and check their intricate detailing for a better understanding of how embroidery is never out of fashion! 


What is cross-stitch embroidery?

There are multiple types of embroidery work done but the most engaging one is cross-stitch. The cross stitch is a form of weaving in which X-shaped stitches come together, looking neat and well-sewed. Thread embroidery in which the fabric threads are counted by the embroiderer before the stitching initiates its utilization on even-weave texture, for example where the strings of the twist and the weft are of a similar size, is a benefit. This makes a picture that is balanced since the twist and weft strings are uniformly divided. You can buy embroidery material and experiment with cross-stitching by yourself.


The history and evolvement of cross-stitch

The cross-stitch has been prevalent since ancient times. It was discovered in a tomb in Egypt in 500 A.D and many other monuments in South America, Egypt and China. 

Historically, cross stitch was frequently used to decorate peasant garments and household linens as a means of indicating family wealth and status in the community. In India, it is absurd to find an even weave fabric, cross stitch embroidery is always applied on plain weave fabric, with the designs spaced out by eye rather than by counting threads. Cross stitch is found on many types of Indian embroidery, often accompanied with beads, sequins and tiny metal embellishments. It decorates colourful outfits, furnishings, and accessories. You can get hold of embroidery fabric material and use it for your fashionable outfits, home décor, accessories etc. 


On what embroidery materials is it showcased?

Cross stitching should be possible on even-weave embroidery materials  such as linen and cotton. All cross stitch fabrics are actually 'even weave' textures, the term that applies to weaves that have a similar number of strings in an inch in left to right and through and through. Known as 'count', the number fluctuates from 11 to 40. In order to pick the right fabric for cross-stitch embroidery, you need to look at the unique textures, feel, fiber content and range of colours. Cross stitch fabrics made of Aida are among the most common. Made from 100% cotton, Aida is a particularly good choice. Linen is also a choice for many experienced cross stitchers for its delicate hand and higher string check. This embroidery material is a characteristic fabric woven from flax filaments. Normally it is more costly than cotton texture like that of Aida.

You can buy similar embroidery fabrics at Doeraa’s wide range of collections. 


Where can one find cross-stitch embroidery?

Cross-stitch embroidery can be spotted on stylish sarees, suits, jackets, dresses. It brings a sense of confidence to carry the look and stand out in the crowd. Doeraa offers such stunning embroidered fabric online. You can also spot them at household linens, tablecloths, and other furnishing items. 


Cross-stitch embroidery materials at Doeraa

Doeraa has a collection of outstanding embroidery fabrics that are cross-stitched. It has a very affordable range of embroidered fabric online that choosing the right one would seem a little overwhelming. From beautiful motifs to thread works and golden sequins, you can now design your dream outfit in your budget. 

Choose the best suited best-seller fabrics from Doeraa online and have your cross-stitched embroidery fabrics delivered to you within 3-4 working days. Adorn your most fashionable look with glam and glitter and allow Doeraa to design your chic sense of styling from top to bottom!

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