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Your Day Fit
Into Our Bag

Whether you’re a working mother running from pillar to post or a busy homemaker who’s always short on time – our bags come with enough space to fit in whatever it is you need to get through your day efficiently. Stylishly designed with minimum fuss and graciously structured with 5 large sections inside it (including one for your laptop), the Doeraa Bag comes as prepared for your day as you are.

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From yarn, to you

Right from conceptualizing to weaving, we put a lot of effort into our products. The originality of our designs, quality of the threads we use, our process and prioritization all in all provides for designer fabrics at an affordable price. To make good on the affordability.

We ensure there are no middle men involved.
Our fabrics are directly from us to you.









Our motif,
your story

Over the years, we’ve helped boutique owners and fashion designers alike to weave together and tell their own tales. Do feel free to reach out should you have any enquiries for volume purchases and sign up with us if you’re a designer.

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Green is
the colour

Be it with our customers, by cutting out middlemen to give them a better price or with our commitment by preserving traditions and cultures, at Doeraa, we believe in giving back. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we are proud to announce our own initiative of planting a tree for every order we receive. So go ahead and make a purchase with the surety of it making for a greener earth.

the needle

Since the time we launched 30 years ago with Divyam Exports to today, it’s been quite the journey. Upon entering, our unique designs created a niche for us in the category. It has taken us long hours, intense focus and immense dedication to get to where we are today, but exporting designer fabric to over 25 countries around the world is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go

Our Story

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