Choosing the Right Fabric for your Embroidery

Choosing the Right Fabric for your Embroidery - doeraa

When you venture out in the textile industry, choosing the right kind of fabric becomes your utmost step. From delivering plain fabrics to embroidery fabric materials, Doeraa looks out for perfection and quality. Check out the below pointers to get a complete hand at your favourite fabrics:  


Why are embroidery fabrics your go-to?

It is an outstanding craft of decorating fabrics with the help of needles to sustain threads or yarns. Embroidery is done on natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, wool and are formed according to the texture and stitch of the fabric. First things first, when choosing a fabric it should be parallel to the weight of an embroidery design. Loose fabrics are inappropriate to hold the embroidered threads. It is advisable to use a quilting fabric for striking results. A texture that has its tastefulness and class, an embroidered fabric never loses its allure. This texture is known to have its all inclusive significance. The finer the fabric, the easier you can embroider your dream with embroidery fabrics.


How does Doeraa lead in embroidery designs?

We, at Doeraa, have the best of all the looks you can have. There are various practices of commonly used embroidery techniques like Chain Stitch, Running Stitch, and Cross Stitch that together threads into a combination of tailoring, patching, and mending. You can buy embroidered fabric online to match your weaving expectations and completion of your desirable outfits. Doeraa promises refreshing and exciting choices of embroidery materials that add glitters to your high end product. Well, not just embroidery fabrics but choosing the right kind of fabrics is an important step in this industry. Doeraa provides you with quality fabrics at affordable ranges. You can experiment with fashion right from plain dyed fabrics to embroidery and print fabrics that compliment your taste. There is just no end to the collection. Apart from the variety of embroideries, you also get to make a choice from a bundle of interesting colours. 


What’s the occasion?

Whether it’s a close friend’s wedding or your own, an office get-together or a casual family gathering, keep your style game strong! Doeraa has your wardrobe issues sorted. We have a collection of embroidery materials and embroidered fabrics online, just a click away. 


What are the current/latest trends?

The most loved embroidery work happens on Net Fabrics as it’s a unique takeaway in the fashion industry. India is the hub of traditional weaves and textures on fabrics like Silk, Cotton, Wool etc. Fabrics that can be inevitably avoided for heavy embroidered work includes satin or any other shiny fabrics, jersey, velvet, corduroy and various other thin fabrics. Embroidery fabrics not only work for apparels but also for home decor. The embellished fabrics cannot be compromised on, and with the accessible technological developments, you can obtain them from online markets that promise authenticity and style. Doeraa is your one place to buy embroidery fabric online. 


What’s your budget?

Buy fabrics that go with your budget. Doeraa has a collection of stunning embroidery fabrics under 799, ranging from net, silk, cotton, tissue etc. With our unique patterns & standard embroidered fabrics online, it places us at a superior market value. As the sales are progressed online, you come across a trustworthy, accessible and wide fabric market with Doeraa. 


What’s your fabric type?

Mix n Match your style in vogue.
Compliment your Georgette outfit with an embroidered net dupatta and all eyes will be on you!
From a bunch of quality fabrics, choose the one that harmonizes with your style and get on a fresh look! 


How to choose the right size of the fabric?

We bet you want to stand out in the crowd & don that outfit like that of Sonam Kapoor. It’s never too late to flaunt! Pick on your type of outfit, whether you’ll doll up in contemporary saree or go traditional or adorn a floor-length lehenga, select your embroidery material & go fancy!


Embroidery categories of doeraa

Doeraa has a diverse taste in bringing out the best-selling embroidery fabrics to the consumers. There should be zero bargain in rendering qualitative, stylish, quantitative and impressive designs to fabricate chic outfits for women. Shop a wide range of fabrics & be a diva! 

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